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Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Ah, the freedom of the open road. The wind through your hair, the sensation of moving down the highway at high speed. Unfettered, unrestricted. The freedom of the open road can be a wonderful thing … until it isn’t. That’s when you need a good motorcycle insurance policy to have your back.

Mandatory Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Currently, Florida is the only state where motorcycle insurance is not mandatory to ride legally. But you should rethink that in order to ride smart.

Though you don’t need proof of insurance to register your motorcycle for street-legal status, you will have to provide proof of financial responsibility should you get in an accident. So doesn’t it make sense to forearm yourself with this before you hit the road?

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Alternatives

There are alternatives to motorcycle insurance in Florida, but it doesn’t come cheap. You can get a Financial Responsibility Certificate from the Bureau of Motorist Compliances to prove financial responsibility, but that means posting a surety bond or actual cash with a central agency … an expensive affair.

A motorcycle is a big, heavy device, and it can do plenty of damage to anything it hits. The best way to be prepared for damages to a person or property is to purchase an insurance policy. This also allows you to take a road trip through multiple states, all of which mandate insurance in order to ride on their roads.

We Recommend Full Motorcycle Coverage

What comes recommended is fully comprehensive collision coverage. That way, you’re prepared for anything, come what may. Such coverage pays for you, other riders, drivers, passengers, etc. You’re also covered for other incidents, such as any damage that may occur during theft, attacks of vandalism, or even natural disasters.

An insurance policy for liability only may be another solution. Like policies that cover automobiles, liability motorcycle insurance only covers damages claimed by other riders when you’re in an accident that is your fault. But, of course, full-coverage insurance is still the superior product for your needs.

That goes for helmets too.

It is also legal in Florida to ride your motorcycle without wearing a helmet … but only with the purchase of an insurance policy for that purpose.  

We’ve got your back.

Talk to us at Skylake and find out how we can help you make your two-wheeled riding experience safe and pleasurable, with no hidden surprises. We can discuss just what your options are, how far they go to protect you and how you can get on that highway and stay on it as far as your heart and your imagination can take you.

The SKY is the limit when your dreams are properly INSURED.