Property & General Liability

PROPERTY & GENERAL LIABILITY insurance policy – customer friendly

Whether a business owner or a homeowner, property and liability insurance can help you “sleep at night”. General liability insurance helps cover expenses resulting from failure to do something or doing the wrong thing. It is easy to imagine owning a business and being involved in lawsuits. This includes going to trial or settling out of court. There are many types of general liability insurance including employment practices liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and errors and omissions insurance.

Homeowners insurance helps protect you against unforeseen things that could happen to your home. Whether a tornado, a hailstorm, or day-to-day wear and tear, home insurance will cover many perils. The perils covered are revealed in your policy. You should know the coverages and there will be no surprises if you file a claim.

Property insurance can cover much of your business equipment, including inventory, equipment, supplies, and offices. Damage from fires, weather events, vandalism, and/or theft are commonly covered by property insurance. Some policies will even cover loss of revenue if your business has to close because of these events.

One of the big benefits for homeowners or business owners from a property and general liability insurance is the protection of cash flow. When a person or business establishes a budget, and something (whether natural or man-made) disrupts the budget, property and general liability insurance can help. You do not have to fear injury claims against you or your business. This insurance can cover you when the accident is your fault or not your fault.

General liability insurance can protect business owners against staff or employee actions. These actions can include slander and an accident having injuries or property damage. Property and general liability insurance are two separate types of insurance that can work together very well for homeowners and business owners.