Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance
Given the fact that you’re on two wheels rather than four, and have no steel body, airbags or seat belts to protect you, having quality motorcycle insurance should be a priority for you. Here are some coverages that you’ll want to discuss with your agent when you insure your bike.

This covers you for personal injury or property damage to others in the event of an accident that you were at fault for. Let us know if you have questions about passenger coverage.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
This coverage is extremely important to a motorcyclist in the event that he or she is injured as a result of the negligence of an uninsured or underinsured driver. It pays your personal injury damages like medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering and any permanent disability. In some cases, it might even cover your property damage.

After payment of your deductible, collision coverage pays for the damage to your bike after an accident involving another vehicle. If your bike is declared a total loss, you’ll be covered up its book value.

With comprehensive coverage, after payment of your deductible, your motorcycle is covered if it is damaged in an occurrence that isn’t a collision. In this context, think of fire, theft or vandalism. Like with collision coverage, you’ll be covered up to the motorcycle’s book value.

Custom Parts
Most motorcycle insurance only covers standard factory parts. If you have custom parts on your bike, coverage is available. Your insurance agent can tell you more about this.

During the Winter
If you live in the north, you won’t be using your bike during the winter months. You can set dates to have your coverage suspended and reinstated, and you’ll save money on premiums. You’ll want to keep the comprehensive coverage though.

We want you to ride safely. By being aware of the importance of quality motorcycle insurance, and you might avoid many of the financial losses associated with accidents.