Golf Cart Insurance

About Golf Cart Insurance

Today, golf carts sometimes transport people over the links and along paved roadways and paths in golf-course residential developments. Potentially, a wide variety of accidents involve golf carts. Perhaps it should surprise no one the owners of these versatile all-terrain vehicles sometimes seek insurance coverage. This brief article discusses innovative golf cart insurance.

The Scope of Golf Cart Insurance

Currently, golf cart insurance policies owe much to the field of motorcycle insurance. This specialized type of policy varies widely from one provider to another (and sometimes from one state to another). As with any form of insurance purchase, a customer should carefully review the specific terms of the policy to determine the scope of its coverage. Golf cart insurance policies don’t offer uniform safeguards.

How Golf Cart Insurance Coverage Works

Today, some companies offer tailored golf cart insurance policies, allowing customers to select the types of protections they require. Most policies offer some level of liability protection to assist an insured in compensating third parties accidentally injured in golf cart accidents. Just like automobiles and motorcycles, golf carts may cause bodily harm and property losses. Provisions in most golf cart insurance policies include a variety of protections.

Types of Coverage

Some states (like Arizona) sometimes permit golf carts to travel on public roads. Other states (like Alabama) restrict these vehicles to off-road uses. Consequently, significant differences exist with respect to the liability coverage owners require.

For example, states usually mandate minimal levels of liability coverage for licensed roadway vehicles. Insurers issuing golf cart insurance policies may specify different levels of coverage for accidents involving insured and uninsured motorists. Policies often cover some medical bills resulting from golf cart accidents. Other provisions may offer reimbursement for designated amounts of property losses due to vandalism, thefts, or collisions.

Major Benefits

Golf cart insurance helps insured individuals pay liabilities resulting from golf cart accidents. Sometimes these policies also help cover some medical expenses and property losses incurred by golf cart owners and their passengers.